We are property and real estate transaction lawyers based in Kenya

At Ombogo and Company Advocates, we offer our clients the best due diligence services, while holding their hands all through the property sale and property purchase transactions.

Whom do we represent in property transactions?

We provide representation to individual buyers, individual sellers, business owners,
developers, landlords and tenants in connection with commercial and residential real
estate transactions.


What property/ conveyancing/ real estate transaction services do we offer?

  • Transmission of properties from administrators to beneficiaries.
  • Negotiating and drafting of contracts and sale agreements on behalf of clients.
  • Preparation of transfer instruments/conveyances, tenancy agreements and
    Power of Attorney.
  • Preparation of and extension and renewal of leases on behalf of landlord and
    property owners.
  • Subdivision, Amalgamation, change and extension of use over properties.
  • Preparation and registration of security documentation such as Discharge of
    Charge, etc.

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Other Practice Areas

Probate & Administration and Estate Planning

It is important to put necessary measures in place to ensure your affairs are in order upon death.

Corporate, Commercial and Intellectual Property Transactions

Contracts are the backbone of any business or commercial venture. We handle and advise on contracts pertaining to companies, investments, intellectual property, insurance, etc.

Conveyancing and Real Estate Transactions

The firm engages in the process of transferring ownership of a legal title of land or property from one person or entity to another.

Immigration Support Services

We offer advisory and support services on issues concerning immigration and nationality.

Trademark Registration Services

We specialize in trademark registration to safeguard your brand and provide you with exclusive rights.

Personal Injury and Insurance Law

Accidents do happen, and unfortunately there are times when there is little one can do to avoid getting caught up in an accident.