Are you a foreign national seeking immigration services in Kenya? We are here to assist you!

We offer expert immigration services including but not limited to:-

  1. Procuring of Visas- That is Ordinary/Visitor visa, Transit Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Courtesy/ Official Visa and East Africa Single Tourist Vsa.
  2. Passes- Special Pass Application, Dependent Pass Application and Student/Research/Internship Pass.
  3. Permits- This are documents issued by the Kenyan government to enable foreign nationals enter Kenya and engage in trade, business, professional employment, missionary activities, prospecting, farming and residency.
  4. Permanent Residency- The four categories include citizens by birth, work permit holders, children and spouses of Kenyan Citizens.
  5. Application for Kenyan citizenship
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Our result-oriented legal services firm in Kenya works with individual and corporate clients globally to successfully navigate through their immigration needs with regard to their employees, experts and family-based immigration.

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Probate & Administration and Estate Planning

It is important to put necessary measures in place to ensure your affairs are in order upon death.

Corporate, Commercial and Intellectual Property Transactions

Contracts are the backbone of any business or commercial venture. We handle and advise on contracts pertaining to companies, investments, intellectual property, insurance, etc.

Conveyancing and Real Estate Transactions

The firm engages in the process of transferring ownership of a legal title of land or property from one person or entity to another.

Immigration Support Services

We offer advisory and support services on issues concerning immigration and nationality.

Trademark Registration Services

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Personal Injury and Insurance Law

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