Have you unfortunately lost a loved one? And you wish to have their assets transferred in a proper manner through legal means? We’re here for you. Please contact us.

Unfortunately, death is a certain occurrence and nobody can prevent it.
What happens to the loved ones of the deceased who’ve been left behind? Our primary objective is to
ease our clients through this difficult process by ensuring that their interests are solidly represented.
Ombogo and Company Advocates will assist you. Please talk to us!
We handle non-contentious matters through preparation of necessary documents and court
representation to enable the beneficiaries inherit the assets of their loved one who died with or without
a Will. A process commonly referred to as succession.
Subsequently, and once successfully done with the court process, we also handle the transmission of
properties from the deceased’s name to the beneficiaries and other related legal services.
These services apply to both our Kenyan and International clients, including but not limited to:
 Petition for grant of probate and confirmation of grant
 Petitions for letters of administration
 Resealing of foreign grants and letters of administration obtained in jurisdictions outside Kenya.
 Transfer of shares belonging to the deceased to his/her beneficiaries
 Subdivision and transfer of land and/or property.
 Purchase and Sale of land.
 Notary Public Services.

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