Have you been involved in a road accident? Have you sustained body injuries, lost a loved one or damage to your motor vehicle, as a result of the accident?

Road accidents do happen and most of the times, there is little we can do to prevent
these unfortunate hazards, especially if it is as a result of another person’s negligence.

Why hire our law firm?

We at Ombogo and Company Advocates, are personal injury lawyers, and we represent
our clients by pursuing a claim on our client’s behalf.
The claim is aimed at making the negligent person who caused the accident leading to
your bodily injuries or damage to your motor vehicle, to compensate you for the harm
and loss caused.


How will Ombogo and Company Advocates assist me?

  • We will claim the compensation for injuries and damages on behalf of our client.
  •  We will negotiate and settle the claim with the negligent party out of court, when
  • We will help you get the most out of your injury claim or law suit.

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Accidents do happen, and unfortunately there are times when there is little one can do to avoid getting caught up in an accident.