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Notary Public In Kenya

Who is a Notary and what is their role?

A Notary Public is a public officer authorized by the government of Kenya to perform
specific legal functions related to the legality and validity of various documents and
transactions, which often includes witnessing of documents.

Who is qualified to be a Notary in Kenya?

A Notary Public must be an Advocate who has practiced law for a minimum of five years
and holds a valid practicing certificate.

What are the common types of Notary Public services offered in Kenya?

  • Notarizing of various documents including documents for international use to
    ensure the document will be recognized and enforceable in another country.
  •  Notarizing academic documents such as a degree certificate or KCSE certificate
    to make the academic paper valid and usable outside Kenya.
     Certifying that a photocopy of a document is a true and accurate copy of its
  •  Preparation and verification that an affidavit and statutory declaration, which are
    statements of facts made voluntary and confirmed by the person making them.
  • Drafting legal documents such as wills, power of attorney and deeds.

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