Car Accident Claim Process In Kenya

Motor vehicle accidents are on the increase in Kenya with thousands of people losing their lives, and getting serious or slight injuries.  Statistics by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) have indicated at least

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Grounds For Divorce in Kenya

Many decades ago, divorce in Kenya was considered as a foreign concept. In recenttimes, reports have showed that over the past decade, divorce and separation rateshave grown.The Daily Nation Newspaper in January 2023 reported that

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What is a Land Sale Agreement? This is a legally binding document between two parties (that is a seller or vendor and abuyer or purchaser) that clearly outlines the terms and conditions for the sale

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A Special Pass is a short term permit issued to non-citizens of Kenya allowing them totemporarily reside or work in the country for a specific purpose such as for business,study or research. In this article,

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Notary Public Services in Kenya

Who Is A Notary Public In kenya? A Notary Public in Kenya,  is an Advocate/Attorney who is authorized to perform legally related tasks, including the authentication and certification of documents for use outside the Kenyan

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Class K Resident Permit

What is a Class K Resident Permit? A class K immigration permit in Kenya is generally referred to as a Retiree permit. It is issued to foreign nationals wishing to reside in Kenya without engaging

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