What is a dependant pass?
This is a document issued to a person whose spouse, parent or guardian is lawfully
entitled to enter Kenya in accordance to Kenya’s Immigration laws.

Who is qualified to get a dependant pass?
The Dependant Pass is issued to persons who are dependants to:

  1. Kenyan Permit holders
  2. A Kenyan citizen.
  3. A Kenyan Permanent Resident.
  4. An accredited representative to Kenya of a government of any Commonwealth
  5. An accredited envoy to Kenya of a foreign sovereign state.
  6. Persons conferred with immunities and privileges under the law.
  7. Any other person or class of persons exempted by the Cabinet Secretary through a
    Gazette Notice.

Who are not qualified to get a dependent pass?

  1. Unmarried partners
  2. Gay couples
  3. Boyfriends or girlfriends or Fiancés.
  4. Any persons who may pose as a security threat to Kenya.

What are the legal requirements for issuing the Pass?
According to Kenya’s immigration laws, the requirement is that the immigration officer
must be satisfied with the following conditions:

  1. The dependant depends on the applicant for his or her maintenance.
  2. The dependant is a spouse or child of the applicant or relying on the applicant
    due to age, disability, incapacity or other reasons for maintenance.
  3. The applicant has sufficient income to maintain and continue to maintain both
    themselves and the applicant for the duration of the dependant’s stay in the

For how long is a dependant pass valid for?
Where the applicant is a dependant of a Kenyan Citizen or Permanent Resident, the
duration shall upon application, be determined by the immigration authorities.
Where the applicant is a dependant of a Permit holder, the Pass will generally be valid
for the duration of the permit holder.

What are the application requirements for the Pass?

  1. An Application Form duly signed.
  2. A detailed cover letter addressed to the Director of Immigration Services.
  3. Coloured passport photos of the dependant.
  4. Copies of valid national passports of both the applicant and the dependant.
  5. Evidence of the relationship between the applicant and the dependant. For
    example marriage certificates and birth certificates.
  6. Demonstrate proof of sufficient and assured income to sustain the applicant and
    the dependant.
  7. Copy of a valid permit for those applicants holding an immigration permit.
    Once the application for the dependant pass and the supporting documents have been
    received an immigration officer shall consider the application and issue the dependant
    This pass shall entitle the holder to enter Kenya within the period specified in the pass
    and to remain in Kenya during the validity of the pass.

Circumstances under which a Dependant Pass becomes Invalid

  1. The Dependant ceases to depend on the Applicant.
  2. The Applicant has failed or is unable to continue maintaining the Dependant.
  3. The Applicant leaves Kenya in circumstances that raise a reasonable
    presumption that their absence will not be temporary.
  4. The Dependant engages in employment, business or trade whether paid or
    unpaid or in any other income generating activity within Kenya.
  5. The Applicant either dies or in the case where he/she was a permanent resident,
    ceases to be one.
  6. Where the Dependant was a child but attains the age of twenty one years.

What are the costs for processing a dependants pass?
There will be mandatory processing fees to be paid to the Kenya government through
the Department of Immigration. The fees will vary depending on the number of
There has been a recent revision of costs for various immigration and citizenship
services including fees for dependant pass that took effect in April 2024.
The issuance fee which is in two categories has been revised as follows:-

  1. The fees for Dependant’s pass for spouses and children of Kenyan Citizens has
    been revised from KES 5,000/- to KES 20,000/-
  2. The fees for Dependant’s pass for spouses and children of Permit and
    Permanent Residence holders has increased from KES 5,000/- to KES 10,000/-
    There will also be costs associated with the hiring of services of Immigration Attorneys,
    such as Ombogo & Company Advocates to assist you with the process.

This pass is endorsed on the passport of a dependant pass holder for validity purposes
and is renewable after every two (2) years and the fee has been revised from KES
1,000/- to KES 5,000/-

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