A Special Pass is a short term permit issued to non-citizens of Kenya allowing them to
temporarily reside or work in the country for a specific purpose such as for business,
study or research. In this article, we shall learn about special pass application in Kenya.

The Kenyan immigration law states that this document is issued under Regulation 34 of
the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations, 2012 to any person who wishes to
enter or remain in Kenya for:

a) A limited period for the purpose of applying a review of a decision denying a
b) Applying for a permit or pass.
c) Temporarily conducting any business, profession or trade
d) Any other purpose which may be considered suitable by an immigration officer.

Any person who engages in any form of business or employment without the required
pass is considered to have committed an offence.


  1. A duly filled and signed Form 32– A Special Pass Application Form
  2. Detailed and signed cover letter addressed to the Director of Immigration
    Services from the applicant or organization.
  3. Two (2) recent passport size colour photos.
  4. Copy of valid National Passport (the bio-data page)
  5. The current immigration status ( if already in Kenya)
  6. Certified copies of professional and academic certificates.
  7. Copy of registration certificate of the organization.
  8. Copy of any permit or passes held.
  9. Copy of any official receipt or acknowledgement for those waiting for permits
  10. Clearance letter from the relevant authorities.
  11. Documents in foreign languages should be translated into English by either the
    Embassy, a Notary Public or an authorized institution


The government issuance fee is Kshs.15,000 per month. The processing time for a
special pass application in Kenya varies, but it approximately takes a week.
If the application is approved, the applicant will receive the Special Pass which has a
set validity period.
Please contact us at legal@ombogo.co.ke if you are a non-Kenyan citizen wishing to
apply for a special pass.