Class K Resident Permit

What is a Class K Resident Permit?

A class K immigration permit in Kenya is generally referred to as a Retiree permit. It is issued to foreign nationals wishing to reside in Kenya without engaging in any employment or trade.

Also commonly known as an Ordinary Resident permit and is highly exclusive and limited to more wealthy applicants.

The Director for Immigration shall not issue this resident permit to any person unless that person has proven that he or she has funds.

It is important to note that if the person is not present in Kenya at the time of the permit issue and is not present within three months from the issuance date, the permit will cease to be valid. The permit may however be extended for a further period not exceeding three months, upon an application to the Director of Immigration.

This permit shall only be valid for the period specified in the permit.


  1. Persons with a minimum age of 35years.
  2. In their own right and at their full and free disposition an assured annual income of not less than US 24,000 dollars that is derived from sources other than employment, occupation, trade, business or profession.
  3. Their income will be derived from sources abroad and will be remitted to Kenya OR is derived from pension or annuity payable from sources in Kenya.
  4. They will undertake not to accept paid or unpaid employment, engage in any income generating activity of any kind.
  5. Their presence in the country will be relevant to Kenya.


  1. Duly filled and signed application Form 25
  2. A detailed and signed cover letter from organization or employer or self, addressed to the Director of Immigration Services.
  3.  A copy of national passport.
  4. Two recent colored passport sized photos.
  5. Documentary evidence of an annual assured income of at least USD 24,000.
  6. Any documents in a foreign language should be translated into English by any authorized/recognized institution including the Embassy or Notary Public.
  7. The current immigration status if already in Kenya.


A non-refundable processing fee of KES 10,000

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